Information Technology


Information Technology, a term once associated with computers and the management of information, has evolved into a multi-faceted discipline that is embedded in most, if not all, aspects of the Defense and Federal services industry, and the systems and programs the industry supports.

Communications, command and control, weapons systems, business systems – information technology plays a vital role in assuring mission success.

At Delphinus, our capabilities and competencies focus on the key areas of Information Operations and Information Assurance.

Whether our customer’s needs are centered on infrastructure design, system implementation or migration, vulnerability assessment, certification, network operations and administration, or help desk support, Delphinus’ subject matter experts bring the experience and capabilities necessary to assure customer and mission success.


Operations and Maintenance

  • Hardware and software support
  • Desktop support
  • Server operations and support
  • Help desk support
  • NOC operation and production control
  • Asset management
  • Network installation
  • Systems administration

Systems Engineering and Integration

  • LAN/MAN/WAN automated distributed systems
  • Requirements analysis and planning
  • Emerging technology evaluation
  • Trade-off analysis
  • Design
  • Rapid prototyping, installation and test
  • Systems integration and installation
  • Test and evaluation
  • Procedural and operational analysis
  • Data communications analysis
  • Systems architecture studies
  • Network modernization
  • Technical documentation

WEB Portal Services

  • Portal development
  • WEB programming
  • Database management programming and administration
  • DBMS query development and display
  • Data warehousing
  • Legacy application migration
  • e-Forms development and programming
  • Business process reengineering
  • e-Forms and e-Authentication implementation


  • Manuals, computer-based training, classroom training
  • Training course structure and programs of instruction
  • Training materials
  • Software installation and setup services
  • Training plan execution
  • Technical training services for installations and upgrades
  • On-the-job and on-site training
  • Post-training analysis


  • Strategy development
  • Policy development
  • Operations planning

Risk Assessment

  • Risk analysis
  • Asset profiling
  • Information profiling
  • Procedure profiling
  • Penetration testing
  • Certifications

Risk Mitigation

  • Intrusion detection (network and host-based)
  • Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Hardening (server, desktop, router, and network devices)
  • Authentication systems
  • Patch management (CERT/IAVA)

Certification and Accreditation

  • Civilian and DOD (DITSCAP) regulations and directives
  • Development of certification and accreditation documentation
  • SSA process execution
  • Code compliance reviews
  • On-site technical support


  • Strategic, tactical, and technical analysis and planning
  • Implementation Environment
  • Active directory
  • Microsoft CA server
  • Windows XP/2000 desktop
  • Enterprise PKI Solution
  • Secure email
  • Form signing
  • PKI-based applications
  • Open, industry standard approach
  • Secure both internally and externally
  • Certificate Authority
  • Commercial (VeriSign)
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Physical and logical access
  • Paperless forms
  • Electronic signature
  • PIV (HSPD-12/FIPS 201)
  • Deployment
  • Pilot and full-scale
  • Card issuance and management
  • Hardware procurement and integration
  • Laboratory verification and validation
  • End-user, manager, and stakeholder training