Marine Engineering


Delphinus Engineering’s Marine Engineering Division has built a reputation as one of the most accomplished providers of Naval Architecture services in the maritime industry.The combined experience and capabilities of our professional engineering staff and support personnel afford us a distinguished position in the naval community. Our customer-focused team brings expert credentials in the areas of design engineering; technical assistance; modernization and upgrade; management and feasibility studies; program and project coordination; and program support.

Our Marine Engineering capabilities are represented but the success we have achieved, and more importantly the success our customers have achieved, through support to the U.S. Navy’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center and the COMNAVSURFLANT and COMNAVAIRLANT Shipboard Habitability Improvement Program

Management Feasibility Studies

  • Evaluation of upgrade requiremets
  • Preparation of project planning documentation including drawings, reports, schedules, sizing, and implementation recommendations

Program and Project Coordination

  • Engineering requirements review
  • Technical expert representation for developing specifications, standards, methods, and procedures including research and documentation development
  • Design surveys, ship surveys, design reconciliation

Program Support

  • Program research projects
  • Ship and facilities inspections
  • Technical documentation
  • Program planning and scheduling

Design Engineering

  • Ship surveys
  • Design and installation drawings
  • Material identification
  • Modification impact assessment
  • Design validation
  • Standards and specifications
  • Alterations and modifications
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) services

Program Manual Development and Modification

  • Program Management Manual
  • Design Practices and Procedures Manual
  • Officer’s Manual
  • Technical Advisor’s Manual

Data Management

  • Material Acquisition and Control Database
  • Total design and installation packages
  • MIL-SPEC and Type Drawing compliance
  • Computer-Aided Design drawings

Production Scheduling

  • Key operational milestones
  • Project status reports
  • Work sequences
  • Man-hour and resource summaries
  • Installation tools and consumables

Material Acquisition

  • Statistical analysis of past usage
  • Product descriptions and specifications
  • Procurement documentation
  • First article tests
  • Surplus material management
  • Direct purchase of urgent material
  • Receipt inspection and conformance certification

Material Management

  • Receipt, inventory, tracking, and issuance
  • Status reporting
  • Lead times and availability, alternate sources
  • Disposition of excess and damaged material
  • Waiver and deviation requests

Material Status Information Database

  • Develop and maintain
  • Material utilization
  • Procurement documents
  • Material lists
  • Material status
  • Schedules
  • Project cost estimates
  • Analysis findings
  • Management information

Website Development and Maintenance

  • Ship project status report
  • Ship project chronology, history, and planned projects
  • Schedules for designs and installations
  • Drawing library for all engineering disciplines
  • Material Commodity Handbook Database
  • Project Selection and Scheduling Guidelines
  • Linkages to related web sites

Technical Assistance

  • Repair and maintenance material assistance
  • Deficiency identification and visits
  • Deficiency validation
  • Repair requirements, schedules, options, alternatives
  • Repair
  • Completion and quality assurance inspections
  • Certifications

Modernization and Upgrade

  • Damage control and firefighting
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Fixed firefighting
  • Personnel protection
  • Environmental Improvement
  • CFC elimination
  • Oily waste separators
  • P2 afloat
  • Habitability Improvement
  • Surveys, design drawing development, and reviews
  • Program planning and execution
  • Logistics and technical data
  • Installation management
  • Technical advisors