Program Manager


Individual will be responsible for the management of multiple engineering projects supporting multiple NSWCCD branches including Integrated Condition Assessment (ICAS), LCS and DDG-1000 control systems and PLC controls, Integrated Bridge and Steering systems, and other NSWCCD engineering branches. This will include program management, leading teams in system engineering and production efforts (including design, integration, installation, and testing), and managing schedules, budgets, project risks, subcontractors, and government contracts.

1. Provides overall leadership of multiple project teams by ensuring project completion within budget, on schedule. Determines and defines project requirements, objectives and customer expectations, and clearly communicates this information to project teams. Ensures compliance with appropriate codes, standards, and regulations (including those driven by CMMI and Information Assurance (IA)).
2. Oversees the planning and execution of the engineering work within the Division, interfacing with other service functions such as Project Controls, and Accounting to achieve an assignment of work scope which will result in an integrated project team approach.
3. Reviews the prime contract, proposal documents, and data for projects; takes the lead in determining project costs and schedule and preparing project SOWs, cost estimates and cost proposals. Establishes plans, schedules, and budgets for prime contract obligations.
4. Directs the planning and development of project execution plans, scope definition, project procedures, budgets, and project schedules and ensures acceptance by the customer and Delphinus Engineering project team.
5. Assures that appropriate customer contact, including major correspondence and working relationships between the customer and Delphinus Engineering, is maintained throughout the duration of the projects. Monitors and controls all contractual commitments to assure that work is being performed in accordance with task specifications and terms of the contracts.
6. Oversees the review and approval of project controls plans including trend programs, project cost estimates, forecasts, schedules, and financial reports and may review commitments that exceed assigned budgets. Periodically reviews change order controls to assure that all changes are being handled appropriately.
7. Oversees the administration of assigned prime contracts to ensure that the terms and conditions stated therein are fulfilled and Delphinus Engineering profitability objectives are achieved.
8. Determines capability and capacity of 1st Tier subcontractors, assigns required work to individual subcontractors, develops subcontract documentation including SOW, Deliverable requirements, establishes budget, and ensures subcontractor task completion is in compliance with contract and subcontract specifications, SOW requirements, and that the subcontractor produces quality work on schedule and within budget. Intercedes with subcontractor to correct deviations and adjust project performance.
9. Develops a Continuous Improvement (CI) awareness such that the project management function is viewed as the leader of the Cl process within the project teams.
10. Monitors cash flow to minimize Delphinus Engineering investment in projects and informs the customer of the current and anticipated cash requirements for the work. Approves budgets and control mechanisms for non-reimbursable project costs.
11. Conducts periodic project and customer meetings to review progress and discuss project issues. Ensures problems involving coordination, schedule, and the setting of priorities are resolved by the project teams
12. Directs the preparation of progress and special reports to customers and Delphinus Engineering management.
13. Conducts training of new project managers through formal training courses and on-the-job training.
14. Promotes and practices team building across the project.
15. Reviews RFP documents and prepares technical and cost input for formal proposals prior to turnover to Business Development. Participates in prime contract negotiations, as required.


Interested personnel should submit an electronic copy of their resume to

Requisition No. DELPH10 (please ensure that you reference this number when submitting for this position)