Delphinus’ business model is based on the values established by our leadership and shared by all Delphinus employees:

  • Focusing on Our Customers and Promoting Partnership
  • Treating People with Respect and Dignity
  • Ensuring Integrity in Our Business Practices
  • Engaging Our Industry Partners
  • Honoring Commitments
  • Achieving Excellence

Delphinus is organized with one objective foremost in our minds – responsiveness to our Customer through agility and speed-to-delivery. Our streamlined organization focuses on the Customer and their requirements.

Our five operating divisions work directly for the Customers, led by our program directors and division director, and supported by our corporate business management team. Each of our operating divisions provides the resources to execute the contract. Our program directors and division directors provide the leadership, focus, and expertise to meet each contracts’ requirements. Our corporate management team enables and supports their efforts. Collectively, they provide an expertly managed, extensive resource pool directly and fully accessible to our Customers.